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Ooby goes to the zoo

Last week, I went to the zoo. I had fun. I saw giraffes, elephants, and more.




Ooby Honeypot Day.

Today, Ooby paid homage to his equine friends at the National Stud in Newmarket.

Today, Ooby visited Down House, the former residence of English scientist Charles Darwin.  Down House is now owned by English Heritage. Ooby had particular fun in the games room upstairs, the dress-up room and he enjoyed the gardens very much.  Much of the interior of the house has been restored to look as it did when Darwin’s family were resident and it includes much of the original furniture. Hooby accompanied Ooby on this enjoyable day out.

Ooby’s verdict

I brought home a new brother from the gift shop. He is called Charles and he’s a monkey! I liked the games room and the play room. The table in the dining room was good too. It was a little too cold in the gardens but it was still fun.

Ooby factor: 9/10

Ooby in Lewes